For over 15 years, Eleanor Cayre has worked in the role of advisor to a diverse and dedicated group of art collectors. Working with clients who are just beginning the journey of art collecting, these clients have often gone on to become established collectors that refine their vision in collaboration with her advisory services. Eleanor is uniquely positioned to aid in the acquisition of important works of art from established and emerging artists.

Widely respected as an art advisor and collector, Eleanor has fostered incredible relationships with galleries, institutions, and other advisors, ensuring the best possible access to museum-quality artworks at the right price. She has built a deep network across the international art world, and loves to share this experience with her clients. She makes a point to demystify the art world for clients, helping them navigate the opaque network of relationships, galleries, and platforms.

Eleanor’s emphasis on research-based advice is of particular importance when buying at auction. Offering rare opportunities to acquire exceptional artworks, there is tremendous nuance in this ‘buyer beware’ reality of auctions. Strategizing on behalf of clients, Eleanor can help minimize the pitfalls and maximize the benefits, while skillfully guiding buyers through the process.

In addition to her work as an advisor, Eleanor Cayre has organized numerous group exhibitions that involve some of the most famous artists and most advanced art of our time. Her curatorial activities are a natural extension of her visits to artist studios, galleries large and small and commitment to intellectual debates.

Eleanor is a major patron of the arts in New York and abroad, devoting much of her time and resources to benefit arts institutions. She serves on the boards of Sculpture Center and Artists Space, two of New York’s premier alternative spaces, and is frequently called upon to engage in public discussions, exchanging her views on art related topics.

Whether the art is intended for use in the home, in private exhibition spaces, outdoors, or corporate buildings, Eleanor is backed by a powerful team who support the clients with everything from education and acquisition to installation and collections management, making sure no detail goes overlooked. The team takes care of all the logistics so the client can focus on what’s most important - the art.

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